Sculptra after Juvederm?

I've done juvederm injection about a week ago, but now I want to have sculptra injuection in the same area, is it safe to do these two injections so close, and did the juvederm first and sculptra after? If not, how long should I wait to have the sculptra injection in the same area?

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Sculptra and Juvederm

Sculptra is usually injected much deeper than Juvederm, but its best to discuss with your treatment provider to make sure of the placement.

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Sculptra after Juvederm

I would wait at least a month in between these injections. There is swelling, bruising, and underlying water retention after Juvederm for at least week, but more often 10-14 days. Putting Sculptra immediately over this during this time would not be advisable. Also, did someone recommend you do it this way? I would have recommended Sculptra first, and then the Juvederm.

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