Affordable Laser Lipo in Arizona?

I had a BA in September, and a butt augmentation 4/10/13. I want to finalize contouring my "dream body" with LASER lipo. Im a slender 19 year old, although I have a probomatic area in the "love handle" area i would love to get rid of. What is the average price for laser lipo in Az? What is the recovery time since its non-invasive? Thank you!

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Affordable Laser Lipo in Arizona?

    Liposuction of the flanks or love handle areas can give phenomenal results in the right hands.  This has less to do with type of liposuction and more to do with the surgeon.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs HUNDREDS of liposuction procedures each year.  Look at the surgeon's website before and after photos to determine who will get you to your goals.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Laser airbrush lipo

I'm located in Beverly Hills so I don't have a recommendation for AZ.  You are welcome to come here for your procedure.  We could do a telephone conference while viewing your photos prior to your arrival.  I perform around 5-6 of these procedures per week and am very experienced in laser liposuction.  Using a combination of smart lipo and power-assisted liposuction is the best way to approach body contouring, especially the love handles.  There is no reason for general anesthesia because in the right hands this procedure is performed very comfortably while keeping you awake.  This means a much quicker recovery and a return to normal activities in a few days.  It's not unusual to treat the front of your belly along with the flanks and love handles.  It makes for a more smooth uniform result.   The typical cost for these areas is around $6,000.  This is a minimally invasive procedure with only tiny openings in the skin in order to remove the fat.  I hope this helps.

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