What Could Have Caused A Blister After I Had Laser Liposuction?

I Had Laser Liposuction and Aftera Few Hours I Had a Very Big Blister on my Left Arm, What Could Have Caused This?

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Post Laser Liposuction Blisters

Thank you for your question. There are many causes, and it is not stated if you had liposuction on your arm. If you had lipo on the arm, then getting too superficial with a laser could cause a blister. Likely, some adhesive from EXG electrodes are the culprit if the blister has a round or square shape. The adhesive is famous for causing these kind of problems. I hope this helps.

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What Could Have Caused A Blister After I Had Laser Liposuction?

   The big blister after laser liposuction is probably due to a burn from the laser used during the liposuction session.  Hopefully, with local wound care, this will heal well.  Make sure you tell your surgeon about it.  This is one of the down sides of smart lipo that conventional liposuction or tumescent liposuction does not have.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Knowledge is being aware that fire can burn; Wisdom is remembering the blister.

The blister you describe is probably due to thermal injury transmitted to the more superficial layers of the skin by the laser liposuction cannula. This is a known complication of laser liposuction, although many safeguards to prevent this problem have been built into the newer systems made by SmartLipo and others. The good news is that with proper wound care, the blistered area should heal well, and with a minimum of scarring. 

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Laser = Light Energy

Laser liposuction is the use of laser (light energy) to melt the fat.  As laser units have become more powerful, the risk of burning/blistering has increased, especially in thinned skin areas or with variance from technical guidelines.  With that said, even with proper usage in accordance with guidelines and standards, blistering can occur due to thermal and/or mechanical injury to the skin.  I've seen this even with traditional liposuction - which further emphasizes the importance of performing technically sound liposuction.  Please remember, whether you have an ultrasonic liposuction or a laser liposuction - "liposuction" is still the key component, and not the energy source.  Please follow up closely with your surgeon for proper management of your condition.  

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