Can temples/widows peak be helped with a hairline lowering procedure?

I have a widows peak and some temporal recession. I read that it can only really be helped with hair transplants but then read that with a scalp expander the hairline can be used to close the widows peak and bring the hairline in vertically. I wouldn't want the centre of the peak lowered (the centre where the hair goes into a peak) but want to bring the sides in to 'close' it and make it round? Can this be achieved ?

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Hairline lowering can help

Hairline lowering can be done surgically or through a hair transplant. Several issues to be noted with the surgical option.  The recovery time is longer and more painful, the scar may always be visible, and there may be a greater cost than hair transplant.  Many people may need a hair transplant to cover the scar of surgical procedure. Hair transplant can help with no scarring in front but some patients may need more than one procedure to achieve maximum density.

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Temples and sides can be addressed with a hair transplant procedure. A hair transplant procedure can narrow

Temples and sides can be addressed with a hair transplant procedure.  A hair transplant procedure can narrow your forehead.

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Temple Recession or Male Pattern Hairline in Female

It is very amenable to hair transplantation if done properly. I prefer it over hairline advancement. Hair angles are very important to gain a natural appearance. 

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Widows peak and temple points

The tip of your widow's peak is where your juvenile hairline was, sop if you lower your hairline to where it was when you were 10 years old, the widows peak would be buried in the lower hairline (see article in web reference below). Young children do not have widow's peaks, which appear only as the hairline is recedes. The temple peaks are easily restored in a hairline lower procedure in women or men. 

William Rassman, MD
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