My top half of my head is "peanut shaped" but I'm young so it's not volume loss? (photo)

When I look at pictures of myself I often notice how the part of my fave above my cheekbones dips inward, making my face look bigger at the bottom than it really is. It's not loss of volume as I'm really young. I have a really masculine forehead anyway, this doesn't help. What causes this/what can be done?

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More Feminine Hairline

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Some women are born with a male pattern hairline and some men wishing to transgender to a women would like a more feminine hair line as well. Sometimes brow smoothing is needed to reduce a masculine appearance and sometimes just a hair transplant if brows are already feminine. Please follow link to see before and after pictures of a male to female transgender patient who desired a more feminine hairline. Hope this helps.

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