Sclerotherapy Recovery

What can I expect after sclerotherapy in terms of recovery and downtime? Will I need to take time off of work?

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Remain Active after Sclerotherapy

There is no downtown time after sclerotherapy treatments. In fact, I strongly encourage my sclerotherapy patients to walk and remain active after their sclerotherapy treatment.

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What to Expect After Schlerotherapy

We encourage walking 15-20 minutes immediately after a schlerotherapy treatment and then daily for several days.  We suggest avoiding strenuous exercise, long plane flights, sunbathing and hot baths and saunas for approximately 3-7 days after treatments. Occasionally, compression tape, wraps or stockings might be recommended if larger veins or substantial amount of  fluids were injected.

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Sclerotherapy Recovery

During sclerotherapy, you may experience mild discomfort and cramping for a minute or two when the solution is injected into the veins. There might be some itching and bruising as well. With lasers, there might be some swelling that will disappear within a few days. With both, you might experience some discolored skin in the areas that have been treated, but this fades in 10-14 days. It’s extremely important that you see a highly trained dermatologist—to have these procedures done. In inexperienced hands, lasers, in particular, can cause burns and scars on the skin.
With both methods, we advise our patients to avoid wearing lotions the day of the procedure—and to avoid vigorous exercise; hot baths, hot tubs, and saunas; as well as exposure to sunlight for at least one to two days after treatment. Taking off from work won't be necessary.

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What to Expect After Schlerotherapy

Immediately after treatment, patients are encouraged to walk, avoid hot saunas, sunbathing, long air travel, hot baths or heavy exercise.  Areas that have been treated will look noticably bruised but will heal in 2-3 weeks.

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Recovery after Schlerotherapy

Asclera works by damaging the endothelium of the cells lining the inside of blood vessels. This causes blood platelets and cellular debris to attach to the lining of the vessels; eventually, cellular debris and platelets cause the blood vessel to clot. Over time, the clotted vein will be replaced with tissue.
Having said this, the treated areas will look slightly worse before they look better, due to the injection sites and minimal bruising.  We advise the use of compression tape or support hose for 48-72 hours after treatment, to avoid hot baths and saunas and to resume light exercise and walking .

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Is there downtime following sclerotherapy? Buffalo Niagara, NY

There is no downtime following medical or cosmetic sclerotherapy. 

Medical sclerotherapy is mostly done under ultrasound guidance. Cosmetic sclerotherapy usually does not need ultrasound guidance. 

I encourage patients to resume all activities immediately. No sun exposure for 3 months and I adhere to this because I practice in the NorthEast. No saunas or hot tubs for a week. 

I encourage all physical activities such as treadmill, walking, running, elliptical and all calf exercises. 

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No downtime.

There should be no downtime following sclerotherapy. I encourage patients to return to full activities as soon as possible including exercise. I have only a few requirements and restrictions-no sitting in a hot tub or hot bath for 48 hours post treatment. Wear compression stockings for 48 hours after treatment and avoid getting sun burn over the treated areas for at least 2 weeks.

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Sclerotherapy of small spider and reticular leg veins usually does not create any major down time. I have patients refrain from running,high impact aerobics and weight lifting for 3 days after each treatment, but walking, with support hose, is encouraged.

Gail Nield, MD, FRCPC
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Sclerotherapy Recovery

There is no need to take time off of work with Sclerotherapy.  The main thing I recommend to my patients is to incorporate lots of walking post procedure in order to get the best results from of your treatment.

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Sclerotherapy recovery

We encourage pts to wear compression stockings during the first 24 hrs after treatment and then for 8 hours during waking hours over the next 5 days.  It is not necessary to take time off from work.

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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