Will Dental Work Ruin Juvederm Results?

I Am Scheduled for Juvederm in the Nasolabial Fold and Around my mouth. 5 days later I am scheduled for gum implants with the roof of my mouth for donor site (this will be under general anesthesi). I am worried that all the tugging and work in my mouth will cause the fillers to move since it's so soon after. Is this a legitimate concern? Will the filler be stable enough and not move around during 3 hour surgery where my face and lips will likely be moved a good bit? Thank you.

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Juvederm and Dental Work

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Yes, but if you were my patient, I'd advise you to have the gum surgery...heal for a month or so and then have the filler.  The amount of manipulation to your lips and NLF's during the gum surgery would make me uncomfortable with the final result.  Why not wait and have the filler after you're done and healed from the dental work.

Juvederm and dentalwork

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I would highly recommend you wait until after your dental procedure to have your Juvederm procedure.  Extensive facial movement and trauma (which can happen with oral surgery) can move the filler.  Get through your oral surgery procedure then treat yourself to your filler afterward.  It will be worth the wait, and you will have less anxiety about your filler.

Hope that helps.

Madeline Krauss, M.D.

Madeline Krauss, MD
Boston Dermatologic Surgeon

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