Can I Schedule These Surgeries a Month Apart?

I want to get as much surgery done this summer. I'd like to combine a breast lift with an arm lift and have a second procedure Brazilian butt lift with a tummy tuck done a month later. Is the spacing of these surgeries too soon?

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How soon can you have a second surgery?

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Hi Burnt Sugar
I have to agree with Dr Kraft.   More time between these procedures will make the surgeries safer for you. Brazilian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck are both big surgeries. 
Having multiple procedures at the same time has a higher risk of complications.  Having multiple procedures within 4 weeks also adds additional risks.  Your body needs time to recover from the first surgery before you impact it with another even larger surgery.  Having any major surgery like these will drop your blood count as well as deplete your protein stores and healing factors as well as depress your immune system. 
I usually recommend a minimum of 6 weeks and even as much as 3 months between larger surgeries to be safe and let your body recover and be ready for the next surgery!  
Also...  combining a Tummy Tuck with the Brazilian Butt Lift is a very tough combination.  I have done this combination many times and all of my patients will tell you that recovery is hell. But they also all say they would do it again in a heartbeat just to get them both done.  But you need to be prepared for this!   

I usually recommend that my patients have the BBL first, especially if they don't have much fat to work with, then have the tummy tuck later. 
Good Luck

Surgeries a month apart are often just fine!

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Assuming minimal blood loss with your initial surgery and normal recovery, multiple surgeries are safe and appropriate, as long as your surgeon and you agree.

Motivated patients who wish to combine recoveries often do this in my own practice, but the individual operations scheduled, and the limitations of activities after each procedure also play a role. I've even had patients schedule sooner than your plan (1 month), but yours are significant surgeries and 1 month is reasonable and prudent between the choices you plan. Best wishes!

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Multiple procedures

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I have separated procedures by as little as a few days to several weeks, and so long as you have no problems in between, you are probably safe to do so. Good luck!

Victor Au, MD (retired)
Chapel Hill Plastic Surgeon


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If I were give a solution, I would say to do Aqualipo to arms ,abdomen, and flanks and transfer to the buttocks first,then consider the tummy tuck secondarily so you can utilize the fat from those areas to give better lift to buttocks. These are safe and when the tummy was done it may be easier with less fat.The aqua lipo works well in our hands.

Multiple surgeries within a month

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I am the contrarian here and I know that my anesthesia team agrees. Major procedures should be separated ideally by six weeks to allow you to recuperate from the anesthesia. This should not be a race to accomplish as much as possible but should take into consideration the length of the procedures and anesthesia, your recuperation from the first operation, etc. I never accept a deposit for operation #2 until the patient is satisfied with #1. Patients are sometimes surprised at how easily (or not so easily) they recuperate from surgery for a variety of reasons and this can't be anticipated. Don't pressure yourself and let your body heal. Best of luck!

Combination Surgery

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The combination of arm lift and breast lift then one month later a Brazilian Butt Lift and tummy tuck is reasonable. However it all depend on your body anatomy, the amount of brachioplasty, the amount of breast lift.

Each of these combinations is a large surgery. One need to consider your general health and your BMI.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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