Is There a Limit on How Many CCs of Fat Can Be Injected into the Buttocks During a Fat Transfer? (photo)

After a consultation I was told only 200 ccs would be injected in each cheek. After viewing before and after pics from this surgeon, I'm now debating whether I still want the BBL. I've seen other surgeons pics and they show the dramatic results I'm looking for. At 134 lbs and 5'1 Im sure I have the fat thats needed to get those results. I'm planning on meeting with another surgeon for a second opinion.

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Buttock Fat Injections Limited By Harvest Amount

The amount of fat that can be injected into the buttocks, for most patients, is limited by what they have to give not how much can be injected. After the fat harvest it is processed and concentrated so that only about 1/3 of the volume that was extracted actually ends up being injected. In looking at your one photo, I would expect that the amount of 200cc to be injected per buttock is accurate. You simply don't have a large amount of fat to harvest. Your result would also be enhanced by fat removal/sculpting being done above and below the buttocks as the central buttocks is injected and enlarged. By this 'ying and yang' approach, you would get a better result that either procedure being done alone.

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Fat injections to butt

The amount of fat that Can be injected depends on how much loose skin and muscle you have. The denser it is the less you can put in properly. My average is about 350 to 500 cc per butt. That's about half a liter Mac per butt. Thanks. Luis a vinas md. West palm beach, fl

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