In a Brazilian Butt Lift is the Fat Injected Under the Muscle or Above the Muscle?

i have undergone a Brazilian butt lift and the fat has reabsorbed to the point that it doesnt look like ive done any cosmetic surgery on it except for the ugly scars left on my butt and back. But i was told it was because the surgeon placed the fat on top of the muscle instead of behind it. is this true?

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Brazilian butt lift fat injections must go into different planes

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If fat is transferred or, as we say"grafted", there are different variables determining the success of the procedure.

Optimum fat harvest technique is the most important single factor, I regard the Body Jet lipocollector technique to be far superior to any other, and I have really tried about anything else.

Regarding injection site, fat injection should be into multiple planes. One of the main reasons why Brazialian butt lift works so well is that there is a huge recipient bed of vascularised tissue ready to accept the grafts.

If the surgeon simply forces the grafts into a limited space rather then distributing them evenly over the buttcks, he gives away one of the key advantages of Brazilian butt lift surgery, and absorption can naturally occur.

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So, you had the Brazilian Butt Lift and all the fat went away.....?

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True on not.... I can only guess.  There is no way to know.  The Brazilian Butt Lift is extremely popular and because of this popularity, there is a great deal of scientific investigation taking place trying to figure out what is the best way to get consistently good results and to figure out what is really going on.  
I have performed this procedure for about 15 years now, and there is no question that the majority of the fat is injected into the fatty tissue on top of the muscle.  The muscle layer is relatively thin compared with the fat layer and can only hold a smaller percentage of the fat.  Also, although the fat is thought to have a greater chance of surviving in the muscle on th short term, I believe that in the long term, this fat will be injured and die with use of the muscle, especially if large volumes are injected there.  The fatty layer or the body is under great study and has been found to have a very rich blood supply.  The fat does quite well when grafted to this layer.  
The biggest questions in cases where patients had the BBL done and their fat "went away" is....  How much fat was really injected?  What technique was used?  What did you do afterwards? 
I'd be  interested in knowing these answers. 
Thank you
Dr M

Where is Fat Injected in Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Normally, fat is harvested from your body in areas where you have excess and then processed and re-injected into the buttock for a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. The fat needs to be near a source of oxygen and nutrients to survive and the best place for that to happen is in the muscle itself. Some amount of fat can be injected into the fatty tissue, but there is a lower degree of success with this type of approach. 

Ask your surgeon for specific details on your procedure as every physician is different in their approach.

Best of luck!

Vincent P. Marin, MD
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Brazilian butt lift wasting away

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When properly performed a brazilian butt augmentation should result in permanent changes to the size and profile of the buttocks. There are many variables when transferring fat, such as how it is harvested, processed and where and how it is injected. All these components are important for the procedure to be successful. Difficult to know why your buttocks are returning to their former star but any miscues in any of these steps can result in a result that is disappointing.

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Fat Injection Location in Buttock Augmentation

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In my experience the best long-term volume results from fat injections into the buttocks is when it is placed into both the gluteal maximus muscle and the subcutaneous space. If all of the fat is put into the buttock fat tissue only, there is much higher chance of it being completely resorbed. While not all fat injections can be placed entirely into the muscle, the more the better. There is no such thing as placing the fat behind the muscle. It is either placed into it or above it.

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