What's the Best Scar Cream for Post-otoplasty?

What's the best scar cream that I can get for the scar to go away? When should I start putting it on?

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Scar creams for otoplasty scars.

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Judging from your multiple previous posts, I would highly recommend that you contact your original surgeon even if they are located at a distance or at least contact them by phone. There are multiple scar creams but most lack true research to support their use or claimed benefits. You have described your displeasure with the appearance of your scars and there may be other options.

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If you have an unsightly otoplasty surgery scar, you should consult your surgeon for treatment options.

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Otoplasty scars heal inconspicuously behind your ear in over 90% of patients.

Keloid scars are raised, red, and uncomfortable and occur most commonly on or around your ear. Occasionally this may occur after Otoplasty surgery. Keloid scars may be treated with triamcinolone (steroid) injections, so you should see your surgeon about your scar.

Topical scar-care products that are silicone-based help to improve the appearance of scars in some people.

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