Silk pillowcase for postoperative care?

I am scheduled for a hair transplant in late November. I want to optimize my post-op care as much as possible. I have already done a thorough search in terms of supplements, etc. However, I have been unable to find any information and/or recommendations regarding silk pillowcases. I know many swear to them in terms of less breakage, reduced friction, higher moisture retention compared to cotton. Before I purchase such (HT is expensive enough in itself), I want a professional opinion.

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It is best to ask your surgeon about post operative care as each doctor has their unique regimen.

It is best to ask your surgeon about post operative care as each doctor has their unique regimen.  Silk pillows are not normally recommended. 

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Silk pillowcase

I like this question, if only to show how much we care about our hair!  

After 15 years of doing transplants, I have seen a lot of great results and none of them required a silk pillowcase.  The likelihood is that you will bleed on it a little the first few nights anyway, so please don't waste your money.  

Get it in black if you really want one!

Sara Wasserbauer, MD
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Silk pillowcase

a silk pillowcase is not necessary for post op. You will likely experience some ooze from the donor and/or recipient areas, and you don't want your pillow or pillowcase to be damaged. Using a non-absorbable pad is recommended as well.

Rae Lynne Kinler, MD
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Pillow case after hair transplant

I generally recommend the use of a colored towel especially for FUE as there is bleeding on the first and second nights.  Make sure the towel is soft

William Rassman, MD
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Silk Pillowcase is not necessary

There is no need to purchase a silk pillowcase just for the best post-op care. 

The truth is you should have a pillow case that you don't mind getting some blood on as you will have a little "oozing" on the back of your head from the donor site for the 1st night after your hair transplant surgery. 

So unless you would just prefer a silk pillowcase, a cotton one will do the trick.

Cory Torgerson, MD, PhD, FRCSC
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