Scab 4 weeks after stitches removed.

I had a mole excision mid November with five stitches (two deep dissolving). Stitches were removed ten days later and since end of November I have developed a scab that's still there (lower back) and I am not sure if it's normal. I thought that after removing stitches there should only be a red or pink ish healing skin that I can treat right away with vaseline to minimise scarring but as the scab appeared I understand I can't use it until the scab is gone. Is it something to worry about?

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Scab after stitches

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On the back what probably happened is that that there was a bit of tearing after the stitches were removed and it created a bit of blood that scabbed over. You should remove the scab and not leave it there, as it will cause a worse scar. Actually, you should have been doing this part all along. Scabs=scars so you need to keep the site clean and remove any crusty blood and keep it gooped up with Vaseline or Polysporin. This allows new pink skin to form flatly and minimize scarring. 

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