Can silhouette soft threads with cones be removed after insertion?

I had 4 coned silhouette soft threads in my face yesterday .after pulling the threads and cutting the ends, had puckering of my face so I massaged over the threads in the direction of the exit points untill I released the stretch .I want to remove the threads to insert new ones ASAP&don't want threads, if left ,to interfere with insertion of new ones.can the thread be removed ? For how long? urgent reply pls.thanks

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Silhouette thread lift InstaLift for facial tightening and lifting

There is often puckering for a week or less after threadlifting such as with InstaLift Silhouette threads. It is more difficult to remove them then insert them and there could be minimal trauma to the skin to gain access to the thread which could cause a small scar or indentation or hyperpigmentation of the skin's color (darker). In some cases it is the best scenario to insert new threads without removing the old ones provided there is no contour change issue in the skin from the first set of threads. 

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