Lumineers glue at home?

Can i use anytype of lumineers glue at home? One of my tooth keeps falling! And i have to travel to LONDON next week. I'm afraid that it will fall there.... What can i do to fix by myself?

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Fixing veneer yourself #DrSarahThompson St Louis

I would recommend just going into any area dentist's office to get them to clean the tooth and re-cement the Lumineer for you.  This would keep if from being so likely to fall off again.  While super glue will work well, it is not advised because if you do not place the Lumineer on completely perfectly, it will be stuck in that position and the doctor will have to destroy it to correct it.  You don't want to cost yourself much more money.  I hope this helps.  Follow me on RealSelf for more questions and answers.

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Do not use any permanent glue to recement dental work

Do not attempt to reglue a Lumineer at home!  You should visit a cosmetic dentist on an emergency basis to have this recemented.  The bonding of a Lumineer requires special techniques that can be negatively affected by the wrong choice of temporary glues.

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