Lower lashes transplant?

Possible to implant lower las hes

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Lower eyelash treatments

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Medicine treatments such as Latisse are the preferred options for patients with existing hair.  With no existing hair, a transplant procedure could be performed, likely requiring 2 procedures to achieve desired look.  

Beverly Hills Physician
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Eyelash transplants are possible but it requires two things. (1) A patient who is a good candidate (2) A good doctor.

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Eyelash transplants are possible but it requires two things. (1) A patient who is a good candidate (2) A good doctor who has experience doing it.

Jae Pak, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Eyelash Transplants for the Upper Lids, Latisse for the Lower Lids

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Eyelash transplants are the only permanent way to restore living and growing eyelashes to the eyelid area. Eyelash transplantation is a procedure for those whose eyelashes have been caused to be missing, thin or weak by age, hereditary, trauma, illness, trichotillomania/pulling, injury from eyelash extensions, as well as those who simply want the longest and most dense real lashes possible. Not all patients seeking eyelash implants are good candidates for this kind of cosmetic or reconstructive procedure.  Due to the "long hair implantation" sewing-insertion techniques required to achieve the best aesthetic result, and keep this delicate area safe from injury, we ONLY transplant the upper lids.  Major advancements have been achieved in eyelash transplants in the more than 15 years I've performed the procedure, however, for lower lid lash enhancement, we prescribe Latisse, no surgery. Please remember that eyelash transplants require trimming because they do grow long!  There are VERY few surgeons worldwide that routinely perform eyelash transplants, so do your homework carefully when seeking a surgeon for a consultation.

Alan Bauman, MD
Boca Raton Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Eye lash transplants

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This is a very specialized area. There are many complications in eyelash transplants so when you find a doctor who says he can do this, be sure to meet his prior patients

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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