I had an eyelash transplant procedure. I have noticed my left eye is much swollen than my right. Is this normal? (photo)

I had an eyelash transplant procedure yesterday. I know it`s normal to be swollen but I have noticed my left eye is much swollen than my right and also my left eyelid looks drooped. I am worried and would like to know if this is normal.

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Eyelash transplant and what to expect

The best thing to do is to followup with your doctor and discuss with them.  However, it can be normal to have swelling after eyelash transplantation and it is not unusual for the swelling to be uneven (one side being greater than the other). Swelling usually resolves around day 4-5.

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Eyebrow transplant with problems

Eyebrow transplants are very specialized and if you have a problem, you should go back to your doctor and ask the doctor about the problem. Sometime initially after the procedure, the eye will swell, but this will be gone in a few days. If not, see your doctor. 

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Eyelash transplant

Having some swelling can be expected after the procedure however if you continue experiencing swelling after three weeks make sure you see your doctor for a visit. 

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Call your doctor

Swelling can be normal but it can be a sign of early infection.  This is more serious on your eyelid.  It is always a good idea to follow up with your doctor for a recheck if you have concerns.

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Asymmetric Swelling After Hair Transplant

It is very common to see asymmetric swelling after a hair transplant wether it is eyelids, eyebrows or forehead in scalp hair transplants.  Of course if you have any other symptoms such as pain, fever and sections you need to see your doctor to make sure your are not having any infection in the area.

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