Is it okay to have 2 FUE procedures in 3 days (a day gap between)?

I am having an FUE procedure of >2000 grafts. I had around 1100 done yesterday and will have another >1000 tomorrow. Is it ok?

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Many doctors do different things, but there should be no reason why you need to have surgery over several days.

Many doctors do different things, but there should be no reason why you need to have surgery over several days.  2000 to 3000 grafts (sometimes more) are routinely done in a day.  Unless your surgery was difficult or there are other reasons unknown from your explanation.

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FUE in two days

That is fine!  We are doing it on a regular basis for larger size procedures. We usually offer 2 day FUE when the numbers are over 2000 grafts since 2000 is the maximum we can harvest in each day.  It should be noted that the harvesting donor areas should be separated in those days.  For example half of donor area is used the first day and the second half is saved for the second day.We call large FUE procedure, giga-sessions or mega-session FUE hair transplants. In those cases patients can come in two consecutive days but we can also do them up to one week apart from each other.  Each day is considered a separate procedure. These are the techniques we use for gigasession FUE transplants in two consecutive days:
  1. Pre-made sites:  We make all sites (incisions) at the begining of the first day after administration of local anesthesia. This let us start implanting the grafts as soon as they are harvested and not keep them out of body for a long time, which can improve survival rate of the grafts.
  2. Serial extraction-placement: This reduced the time grafts staying out of body by placing the grafts right after extracting a small group of them without the need to wait for harvesting them all.
  3. Chasing method: Allows removal of the grafts from the skin very shortly after the surgeon score (incise) them.  This helps with the flow of the day and efficiency of the procedure. 
Advantages of 2 day FUE procedure:
  1. Patient can get larger number of grafts in short period of time.
  2. Patient will be going through the post op care like hair wash after hair transplant and possible short term complications like swelling, scabbing, etc. only once. 
  3. Patient can see the final results faster

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Is it okay to have 2 FUE procedures in 3 days (a day gap between)?

Yes this is very common to split an FUE procedure in half. Commonly at our clinic we will perform 1200-1600 grafts on day 1 and finish up a case 800 to 1200+ grafts depending on density and need. However, at our clinic we make sure not to decrease the density as to cause a "moth" eaten look which a see through in the donor from over harvesting. I'm quite sure your clinic knows this and plans for this.

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FUE is a great way to harvest grafts without leaving a linear scar, however, be careful not to over harvest the area, in our experience on an average patients donor area 1,500 - 1,600 is a maximum. This will leave the donor site supple without risk of hardening down to the number of individual scars. It is always better to have another surgery later to add more density if needed. Be mindful its not about the numbers, its about the finished result, in both the donor and recipient sites.
Good Luck.

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FUE in two days

You are having an FUE in three days, one day rest in between.  For 2000 FUE grafts, we generally do them in one day, not two. The only issue is that on the third day, there is an increased infection risk when compared to a one day procedure.

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