Can ultherapy be used on breasts? (Photo)

I am 28 and had 400cc implants for 8 yrs (18-26), then had them removed. Thankfully they are only mildly saggy. I don't feel they are saggy enough to warrant a surgical lift. I would be ecstatic with a lift of 1-2cm. One dr has posted a pic of their patient's results with ulthera on the breasts, and it appears it made a difference. Another woman with ulthera on her butt had great results. Can ulthera be used safely on breast tissue and is a 1-2cm lift a reasonable expectation?

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Not currently FDA approved, but hopefully soon!

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Hello, you ask a FANTASTIC question as no one likes the scars left from a breast lift. Ultherapy is FDA approved currently for décolleté, but not breast. That being said, we do not necessarily have to wait for the approval as doctors can use medical judgment to perform "off label" procedures all the time. In fact, Botox anywhere outside of crows feet and glabella (frown lines) is considered off label. 

we do not know the long term effects of Ultherapy on breast tissue and what it will do to mammogram results. I personally, cannot think of any adverse effects as the deepest Ultherapy goes is 4.5 mm and your breast glands are much deeper. 

See a plastic surgeon who is board certified and very well versed in both breast surgery as well as Ultherapy. 

Pasadena Plastic Surgeon
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Non-Surgical Breast Lifting with Ultherapy!

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Interesting that you ask this question, because I am conducting a research project examining this exact indication! We are conducting a study, currently in progress, looking pre treatment and post treatment measurements to evaluate if there is breast lifting and how much. You may have seen this result in some of the photos you were looking at.
We are using all three transducers in our study and doing a high density treatment, in hopes that maybe we can get even more lifting than 1-2 cm. If you would like more information, feel free to call our office for a complementary consultation with our Nurse Practitioner, Jennifer Tinelli, who is my co-investigator. Stay tuned for our results!

Thank you!

Grant Stevens, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Can Ultherapy Be Used On The Breasts?

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Great question! Ultherapy was recently FDA approved for treatment of sagging skin of the chest area (decolletage). This extends to the cleavage area between the breasts. We do use it sometimes off-label for areas like the butt with subtle results. I believe there are studies underway which are looking at a non-surgical breast lift with Ultherapy. Using Ultherapy on the decolletage and breast area will only give you a subtle lift of 2-5mm at most. If you desire more of a lift (which you probably do) then surgery would be the best option. Hope this helps!

Michael A. Zadeh, MD, FACS
Sherman Oaks General Surgeon
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Ultherapy on the Décolletage

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Great question. The most recent FDA approval was to tighten and lift the chest area also called décolletage. You can expect to see a visible decrease in fine lines and wrinkles, however we cannot treat directly over the breast. Just treating the décolletage you might see a very slight improvement in lift. I would suggest you consult with your physician on other alternative lift techniques.

Steven Gabel, MD, FACS
Portland Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Ultherapy and treatment of breasts

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Thank you for your question.  Ultherapy is approved for use in the the decollette region but not on breasts themselves.You are correct in your statement that Ultherapy has been used successfully and other parts of the body.  I would not pursue treatment of the breasts With Ultherapy at this point in time.Hopefully sometime in the near future this will be

Brian Biesman, MD
Nashville Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Can Ultherapy Be Used on Breasts?

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Thanks for your question. I was fortunate to be part of the FDA trial for Ulthera for the decollate region. We had great results in tightening and lifting here, and in the study the satisfaction with the treatment was also very high. The breasts were not treated. While I would tell you that in my opinion this should be safe and effective, because there is great tissue involved, I would not be so keen to recommend this to anyone at this time, unless there was sufficient documentation that this was totally safe in this area — and I am not sure we are there yet. So be careful in this region.

Michael Gold, MD
Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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Ultherapy for the decolletage not breasts - Buffalo Niagara, NY

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I don't recommend Ultherapy on breast tissue.

Ultherapy is FDA cleared for the decolletage, the area in the front of the chest and over the base of the neck to the sternum - the V neck area of the chest. 

It will give you a subtle 'lift' but not a dramatic one as you would get with a breast lift. 

You can simulate it by placing the open palm of your hand on the upper part of the chest and raising the skin up towards your head a cm or two .. 

Read the Ultherapy book posted on the link below. It is a free access book. 

Can Ultherapy be used on breasts?

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No. However, Ultherapy can be used on the decolletage. Ultheraphy is FDA approved for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles and decolletage.

Usha Rajagopal, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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