Next step for tattoo removal? (photos)

I have two small tattooes that I have been trying to remove for 2 years. I have had 10 Picosure treatments and 1 Q switched treatment. Now I am left with remnants of the tattoo and pretty severe hypopigmentation. I do not want to have to get a tattoo coverup but I hate how my stomach looks right now. What are my options? I was thinking of continuing the Q switched treatments to remove the last of the ink (red and black) and getting skin colored tattoo to fill in the hypopigmentation. Help!

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Picoway or enlighten plus microneedling

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Microneedling could stimulate repigmentation safely of light areas.If the picosure was standard it is 755 wavelength only which does not always work on red or black ink completely. The picosure is also available with the 532 for red and after September the 1064 wavelength wil be available. Either the picoway or enlighten both have 1064 and 532 wavelength for red and black ink.

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