Is Slapping the Skin Good for the Collagen?

I ask this because that is what IPL feels like-- a really hot slap. I did it twice and I think I am worse off for it. I've been so careful with my skin -- sunscreen sine 21 y.o. , Retin A also for25 years!.... And I never ever pulled at the area around my eyes. Even when I wore contact lenses I never once pulled my lid down the way most people do because I didn't want to stretch the skin. 1 mos post 2nd IPL I have grooves that werent there before-so how can it be good for collagen to slap skin?

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Any minor,controlled trama to the skin can stimulate a wound healing response

You have asked an interesting question.Asked in another way- " how specific does the trauma to the skin need to be in order to stimulate collagen ? " It's not the slap of the IPL that stimulates collagen , it's the brief heat pulse that it delivers.IPL works ok for dilated capillaries and brown spots that it targets ,but I think there are far better treatments to stimulate collagen .My preference would be the Fraxel Re:Store 1550nm laser. This device has many many studies published about its clinical use for rejuvenating sun-damaged skin, acne scars, surgical scars and stretch marks.You should find a Dermatologist who does their own treatments (not the nurse) and who understands all the fine points of this treatment including skin care after treatment to enhance results.

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Does slapping the skin improve collagen

Interesting and amusing question. There is no data to suggest that slapping the skin is good for collagen, although the discomfort of IPL does "slap the skin", it slaps it with tremendous heat which seems to help tighten the skin a bit....a fractionated laser would be better at tightening the skin if that's what you're looking for, while IPL is better for pigmentation and vessels. ~Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre.

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Is Slapping the Skin Good for the Collagen

No, this isn't what IPL is. It's not slapping the skin at all. It's a light source that's penetrating through the skin. While we describe it sometimes as a "light rubberband snap" it's not actually slapping or snapping, but that's what it feels like when the light penetrates the skin.

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