How many places can I have liposuction during a mommy makeover surgery?

I'm considering a Mommy Makeover (tummy tuck, breast lift) and wondered about having additional liposuction in various areas at the same time. Could I have liposuction on my inner thighs, saddle bags and rear hips during the same surgery or is that too much? If it makes a difference, I've recently lost 25 pounds (and still going!) so it would likely be be more shaping and smoothing lipo as opposed to large amounts of fat removal. Thanks in advance for your help!

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About the Mommy Makeover and Ideal Techniques

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It's difficult to suggest without a in-person one-on-one consultation. The Mommy Makeover is a combination of procedures to bring a woman’s body back to the way she looked prior to pregnancy. Most commonly some variation of a #TummyTuck and #BreastSurgery are performed. #MummyTummy is a term given to modified tummy tucks which can use liposuction and skin tightening with radiofrequency such Vanquish, Vela3, thermage, thermiRF and others.  The actual fat contouring can be done non-surgically as well with #UltraShape or Cool-Sculpting. Additional procedures can include liposuction, umbilical hernia repair.  The most common #breastprocedures include #mastopexy or #breastlift, #breastaugmentation, or #breastreduction. 
Many procedures can be combined. Cosmetic procedures such as Brazilian Butt Lift (#BBL), Thigh Lift (#TL) and Mommy Makeover (#MMO), which usually concentrates on the breast and abdomen areas, may be combined together. However, I look at the risk factors such as surgery time greater than 6 hours, or #anesthesia time, increased risks of DVT, prolonged  #healing, #positioning after surgery to name a few, which are a lot to consider. These factors are relative to performing any variety of combinations. 
The suitability of your procedures and any specific risks may be determined during you #consultation. Your procedures should be performed by a #PlasticSurgeon who is board-certified and has a great deal of experience specializing in cosmetic #surgery. You will then greatly improve your chances of getting the result you desire, and, without the need for a revision surgery. It is suggested that you look at before and after photos of the surgeons actual patients, and read patient reviews. All surgical #procedures carry some degree of #risk. Always discuss your issues and concerns with the Plastic Surgeon during and following your consultation. Also, another element to a #satisfying result of your procedures are realistic #expectations.

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Dr. Derby Sang

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Thank you for you question.

Congrats on your weight loss. There are really no limits, all the areas that you mention can be done at once. 

i recommend you to contact or visit a board certified PS and go over all your concerns.

best of luck

Derby Sang Caputo, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 99 reviews

How many places can I have liposuction during a mommy makeover surgery?

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If you are healthy and the board certified plastic surgeon is an expert at all of those procedures, then this can be done in combination if the operative time is held under 6 hours.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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Liposuction of various areas

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Wow....what answers.  Interesting.  

 With tumescent fluid being used, then all of the areas you have mentioned can be done very safely at the same setting.  There really is NO number that is used to limit the amounts to be removed. Having said that, the doctor needs to use his/her judgement as far as making sure that your safety is being considered if you have any medical problems, etc.

  Find a doctor that does a large amount of liposuction procedures and you will find that a doctor that does large numbers is more comfortable in doing many areas at one setting no matter if it is combined with multiple other procedures such as breast and abdominal/arm surgery.

  A tummy tuck without liposuction of many different areas  with the breast/tummy tuck is very uncommon in my practice....VERY.

  Good luck with achieving your goals.

Mommy makeover

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It is common for liposuction to be done at the same time as the other procedures that you are considering.  There is a limit to how much suctioning can be done due to safety reasons, but that has more to do with the amount of fat.   Discuss your goals with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who can determine if you are a good candidate for combining these procedures.

Camille Cash, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction and Tummytuck surgery

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If you have a full tummy tuck you can combine liposuction of selective areas as long as they do not disturb the blood supply/healing of your abdominal surgery -- on the trunk this would include the love handle area, but not your abdomen.   Arms and legs could be considered; however, your total surgical operating time should not exceed 6 hours.  Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to obtain the best surgical plan.  

Carlin Vickery, MD (retired)
New York Plastic Surgeon

How many places can I have liposuction during a mommy makeover surgery?

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You can have liposuction in any area that has fat that you wish to remove and contour the shape.

Fred Suess, MD (retired)
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

How many places can I have liposuction during a mommy makeover surgery?

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The short answer is yes but really limited. Firstly, we are only allowed to remove 1000cc or 1 liter when we combine procedures. The patient should know that when  procedures are combined especially when it includes liposuction the complication rate goes up tremendously.

Best Of Luck !!

Liposuction with mommy make-over

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Thank you for asking about your mommy make-over and liposuction.

Although it may be possible to do all the additional liposuction with your mommy make-over, this is something that you and your surgeon need to discuss and plan together. Since it will just be shaping, chances are it will be possible. Keep up the good work getting fit!

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Liposuction together with mommy makeover.

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From what you have described you are not going to require a very high volume liposuction and this can usually safely be done at the same time as the other procedures. This also may give you the opportunity to use the fat for fat grafting to add extra coverage of your implants on your breasts and also to add volume to buttocks if necessary.

Good luck.

Rodney A. Green, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 24 reviews

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