What cup size will 360 and 370 cc bring me to after reconstruction? (Photos)

I just finished the exchange part of my reconstruction after double mastectomy. I am just over 2 weeks post op. I am 5'6 116lbs. I have a 28 inch rib cage. My breasts are still swollen ( one side more than the other) so I don't know what my size will be. But they are round saline 360 and 370. I also had a fat graft from adbomen. Thank you very much

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Try not to focus on cup size

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as you have a good early appearance.  Cup sizes vary by chest width and how full the breasts are and until you are truly healed, you won't get an accurate sizing.  Focus on healing and achieving a symmetrical look to your results as that is more important to us rather than 'what cup size' you have.  If you find you want to be larger when you're healed, you can speak to your surgeon about what you are looking at to do that.

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