Why can't I find breast reconstruction before/after pictures of fuller figure women? (photos)

I'm 41 5'8" 225lbs (203 pre-mastectomies) my bra size was 38D. I had bilateral skin sparing mastectomies. I was expanded to 600cc and I now have 800cc high profile silicone implants. I am 6 weeks post op and feel disappointed about shape & size, I'm only a 40B. The before/after pics look great full, round, good projection and larger cup size. I have poor projection, right is lower, left is triangular. Why so hard finding pictures of larger breasted, full figured women pics?

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Breast reconstruction

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In general if your BMI is greater than 34 then implant based reconstruction is associated with higher complications so I tend to look at other options for those patients.  Another problem is the limited size of implant that provide appropriate size and shape with larger breast sizes. You can look through our gallery for more photos than are present in this gallery.

Breast reconstruction in fuller figured women

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Hello,I  can understand your concerns especially with the imbalance in your body shape with your reconstructed breasts. It's hard to find the photos you are looking for because breast reconstruction can be very challenging in fuller figured women. There can be higher risks for the surgeries and less patient satisfaction with the aesthetic outcomes.  In the U.S. implant sizes do not exceed 800cc so though you need more volume that it not something currently available with silicone implants.I would encourage you to see out a reconstructive surgeon with experience with autologous tissue reconstruction.  This could be a very good option for you and give you the size and the balanced look that you are hoping to achieve.  With this type of reconstruction your abdomen can be used to reconstruct your breasts so the end result is a natural feel and look along with an improved contour of your abdomen.  In my practice this is the main option I offer for fuller figured woman who are medically clear to undergo the surgery.I hope that helps.  Best of Luck!Dr. Rednam

Rukmini V. Rednam, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Breast reconstruction in fuller figure women

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Breast reconstruction is more difficult in fuller figured women.  Complications are higher and the aesthetic results tend not to be as "good" compared to slimmer women.  In addition, implant reconstruction can be problematic because implant volumes might be inadequate (as you describe).  For these reasons it is harder to find pictures of full figured women.I suggest you consult with your surgeon to explore your options.  Possibly a tissue reconstruction will provide the volume and aesthetic outcome you are hoping for.Kind regards,

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