What Procedure Can a 19 Year Old Have to Fix Sagging Cheeks or Jowls

I have always had chubby cheeks and used to love them but they are now starting to sag. I realize 19 is extremely young and it seems crazy but this is something multiple people havea asked me about and it is having a very negative affect on my appearance. I look angry all of the time and just plain weird. I love that I have full cheeks but I want them lifted again rather than being so low down on my face looking like I have jowls. What can I do, minor facelift, thermage, laser? Thank you.

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Sagging face in a 19 year old

Often the problem in a patient who is very young with jowls may be the structure of the bones, particularly the chin, underneath the soft tissue. 

In the rare patient, the buccal fat may be congenitally too prominent, and may be excessive even in the patient's parents and grandparents.  If that is the case, buccal fat pad reduction may be appropriate, although again this is very young to be considering such a procedure.

Occcasionally, weight loss or submental liposuction can help.

Pictures always help to determine which surgery, if any, would benefit you.

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Sagging cheeks at age 19 maybe due to flat cheek bones

At age 19 there is probably no true sagging of the facial skin. If you were born with very flat cheeks, this can be addressed with cheek implants inserted through the gingival sulcus of the upper lip and place directly over the bone. Midfacelifts are generally not performed until people are in their 40s or 50s.  

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What Procedure Can a 19 Year Old Have to Fix Sagging Cheeks or Jowls

I have not yet seen sagging cheeks in a 19 year old, so yes a photo would help define the problem.  If you've had a sudden weight loss there may be an appearance of sagging; adding volume to the face may be necessary.

Ramtin Kassir, MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon NY, NJ

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Cheek sagging responds to volume correction.

Mid-face, (cheek), volume loss results in sagging of the skin, (like a deflating balloon). Typically this is noticeable by th time someone is in their late 30's or early 40's and the nasolabial folds and marionette folds, (that create the jowls), become more prominent. Placing a firm filler such as Radiesse high in the cheek, directly layered over the cheek bone usually give s a nice lift and puts volume back up high in the cheek, as it is in the youthful face. Although you are fairly young fro  these changes to have occured, perhaps because your cheeks were larger than "usual" to start with, (and perhaps you have lost body weight as well), your face has had these changes earlier. The easy, safe way to attempt to correct this for you is to have the absorbable filler Radiesse placed as above by someone experienced in this procedure. This filler, while absorbable, lasts 12- 15 months and offers good firm, natural-looking suppport in the mid-face. The "large" 1.5 cc syringe, divided half on each side is where I start with most clients. If desired, repeat sessions majy be done until full correction is acheived.

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19 Year Old Have to Fix Sagging Cheeks or Jowls

Really hard to advise you at your age without at least a posted photo. Seek in person opinions from boarded surgeons in your area. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, 305 598 0091

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Sagging chubby cheeks

If you have been getting comments about jowling at your young age of 19, the effect of gravity must be a significant factor along with the weight of your tissues.  Weight loss could make the jowling effect worse.  Elasticity is usually sufficient at this age, but there are certain conditions where this can fail prematurely, and this should be evaluated.  Your age is not a deterrent to considering structural reconstruction, but do seek the opinion of several qualified surgeons before committing to any procedure.  Based on your description, and without the benefit of a photo, I suspect you may be disappointed with any minimally invasive surface treatments.   

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Sagging Cheeks or Jowls

I admire my fellow posters for trying to answer your question without pictures;  please submit appropriate views of your face.

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