Protruding Zygomatic Bone, can this be fixed?

I have very protruding zygomatic bones that protrude both to the front and to the side. My forehead and skullbase isn't that wide. Is there any procedure to reduce the cheekbones? I have looked on the internet for some information and have found that surgeons use several techniques to cut the bone. I also read in this article that in the near future, surgeons might be able to use artificial bone. Would it be possible to completely remodel a zygoma?

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Protruding Zygomatic Bone, can this be fixed

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Dr Galitz has stated it perfectly. Too much of an operation and risks for little gains. The risks of these serious complications should deter you from having this done. But at least see a boarded surgeon in your area to discuss. See John Sherman in Manhattan. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, 305 598 0091

Remodeling the zygoma

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Yes it is possible to reshape the zygomatic bone, however it is a rather involved production and has possible serious complications if done poorly. A facial nerve injury is possible, problems with chewing are possible and assymetry are all relevent complications. The way to proceed is to see a surgeon who specializes in craniofacial surgery and and done lots of these proceedures.

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