What Procedure Will I Need? Chipped My Tooth When I Was Young and it is Very Yellow?

When I Was A Child I Chipped The Corner Of My Front Tooth. And My Mom Had It Fixed I Don't Know If It Was Bonding Or A Fillings But Now I'm 28 And It Is Very Yellow. I Know There Is Nothing Over The Counter That Will Work. I Want To Get It Fixed But I Want A Easy Fix I Don't Want To Be Numb Or Put To Sleep What Is The Procedure I Would Need To Get This Thing Fixed ? It's Very Embarrassing.

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Bonding is Best

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If only the corner that was chipped and repaired is Yellow then the best solution is Bonding, particularly if the chip is relatively small and involves less than one third of the visual front surface of the tooth.  If it is done well it can last for many years. Newer bonding materials last longer and are more color stable. If your whole tooth is yellow then bonding is not the answer.

Yellow Chipped Tooth

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Assuming the nerve has not died, you can have the tooth treated with a bonded composite direct veneer by a qualified cosmetic dentist. It is possible to match the color very closely and get about 8 years longevity. Good luck.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

What Procedure Will I Need? Chipped My Tooth When I Was Young and it is Very Yellow?

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Most of the time small chips on front teeth can be fixed with bonding (or also known as white fillings or composite fillings).

Almost all bonding can discolor over time. You inquired about getting an "easy fix". There are two options in my opinion.

One, get just the front of this bonding redone and the color improved. You may not need to be numb for that at all. It would make an improvement, but probably not a perfect result. It would not be as long lasting, but it would be a very simple way to make an improvement.

Two, just have the old bonding replaced. You probably would need to be numbed a bit. A very skilled and patient cosmetic dentist can get you numb there without you hardly noticing it. By having the old bonding replaced, it will be strong and the color can be matched really well. 

Many dentists do bonding, but a great cosmetic dentist will really blend it in, match the color well and make it look fantastic.


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If the chip is small a simple bonding procedure would work and last a long time without staining if it is done well. Some prescription strength topical anesthetic may be enough to get you a little numb for this procedure, if you are looking to avoid needles.

Lilya Horowitz, DDS
New York Dentist

Chipped tooth?

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Simple solution is remember a filling and bonding are the same thing... So one just replace the filling. Two consider a veneer or crown stronger and last longer but more expensive. As far as getting numb most patient will take alittle local in the area whenever a dentist drills on a tooth and if your nervous about an injection consider sedation options such as oral, inhalation, IV or general good luck


Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD         CEO Baystate Dental PC

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
Springfield Dentist

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