My Orthodontist Wants Me to Put Bonding on my Second Upper Tooth?

Hello, I am now having braces and my orthodontist wants me to put bonding on my second upper tooth. She said that otherwise I am going to have an incorrect bite or gap between my teeth.. Actually I don't want bonding,I have read a lot of reviews and everybody says that it doesn't last too long and that most of the people change it every couple of months, because it falls down.. I really don't know what to do.. to put bonding or not.

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Orthodontist Wants to Bond 2nd Upper Molar

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Ask the Orthodontist why he can't get the molar to super-erupt into occlusion (so there is no gap between it and its' opposing tooth, using elastics.

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Bonding on second front tooth?

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In most cases you have a tooth size issue and its called peg shaped laterals you can leave the space or fill it in with bonding veneer or crown all will work depending on $ and your time and age I usually recommend veneer if you can. good luck


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