What is the Difference Between Lateral and Hip Injections?

it was told at a certain clinic they only do lateral injections and my objective is to achieve hips they said they dont do hip injections bc its impossible im confused i want fat injected int o the sides of my butt plain and simple. i want curvy round full hips. my hips r straight like this: ll ,,thats my hips

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Fat Augmentation for the Hip

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   The hips are frequently augmented at the time of the Brazilian buttlift procedure. I typically liposuction 5 liters and transfer 1200 to 1500 cc per buttock.  Some of the fat can be transferred to the hips.  This may take 240 ml or more per hip.  Find the surgeon with the best credentials who has performed hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts.

What is the difference between lateral and hip injections?

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Lateral injections generally refers to the lateral aspect of the buttocks. Hip injections actually refers to the enlargement of the hips- that means making them rounder. Hip injections are very often performed in conjunction with buttock injections. This allows for the creation of the roundness that you looking for. When you seek consultation for the BBL you should seek it with a Board Certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing the BBL.

Lateral hip injections during BBL

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During a BBL, fat can be placed in the buttocks or the hips. When fat is put in the lateral hips, it will give more curves. When fat is placed in the buttock, it gives more projection. If you are unsure of what your surgeon means, you should ask him or her to draw the area on your body that they are talking about.

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Hip Augmentation with Fat Injections

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One of the main advantages of fat injections is that they can be placed almost anywhere on the body provided one has enough fat to do so. Hip augmentation, like buttock augmentation, can be done with fat injections. Often the two are done together to get an increased roundness to the sides of the buttocks and the hips.

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