How Much Fat Can Be Removed During a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am scheduled for an appt locally for a BBL, but I'd like to get some realistic answers so I know what to expect. I know one procedure is cheaper. I am 155 lbs and 5'4". My family tends to have stubborn fat to begin and I do too. I would like to get my inner thighs, upper arms, abdomen/flanks/sides area, and chin lipo'd and have the fat grafted to my hips/butt to get a feminine silhouette and a slimmer face. I know it's difficult to tell without seeing me, but is that really realistic?

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Amount of Fat Removed During Brazilian Buttlift

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  The maximum amount that can be liposuctioned in an outpatient setting is 5 liters.  I typically remove 5 liters in every Brazilian buttlift patient and transfer 1200 cc to 1500 cc per buttock.

How much cat can be removed with lipo

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The maximum volume of fat that can be removed is 5 liters in most states, in Florida the limit is 4 liters.  So, that is the maximum that can be removed, regardless of the number of areas that you chose to have treated.  I typically recommend limiting the number of areas if I think we can get that much from fewer areas, that way your results will be more dramatic.

Dennis Dass, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Your height and weight are quite appropriate for this procedure. I limit my liposuction to 5000 cc. which is the recommended volume for safety purposes

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Fat for the brazilian butt lift....

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I typically remove fat from all the areas that are in excess including the back, flanks, abdomen among others. You need to be about 20-30lbs above your ideal body weight to have the best results. It seems you have enough fat.

Sounds like you may have enough fat for a good result

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Thank you for the question.  One of the most important components for buttock fat grafting is having enough fat to be harvested.  Not all of what we can grab is fat or fat that can be harvested.  In addition, some reasonable amount of fat should be left behind to prevent contour irregularity.  Upload a few photos for more specific advice but from your height and weight specifications it sounds like you should have a reasonable amount of fat for harvesting.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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How much liposuction?

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It is possible to do liposuction on all these areas. With liposuction, the more areas that are treated the greater the risks and the longer the recovery. However, having this done by an experienced board certified plastic surgeon should reduce your risks.  Hope this helps. Dr. Aldo.

How much fat cna be removed during a BBL?

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Only your surgeon can tell you how much fat he plans on removing and how much fat he plans on putting back in. These answers require an examination of your body type and clear understanding of what you are looking to achieve - neither of which we can know without seeing you. Ask your surgeon.

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