Weightloss Before Bbl?

i weigh 175 and i am 5'3.should i lose weight before my bbl in February? If so,how much.i want atleast 750-1000cc in buttocks.I want stomach,flanks,back,waist,and arms lipoed.I have full hips and big thighs.

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Weight loss before BBL surgery?

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I think that you should be at or close to your baseline weight before undergoing BBL surgery. This means that you should not gain or lose weight specifically in preparation for the surgery. Being at your baseline weight will allow the surgeon to get a better result and make your result more long-lasting. I perform several BBL per week and questions about weight are the most common questions they ask. Make sure your surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon who does many of these per week. Good luck.

Weight loss prior to BBL

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Everyone looks better after weight loss.  Losing weight prior to surgery may enhance your overall results, by making your waist even smaller.  You will likely still have enough fat left to transfer.  Please discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

Dennis Dass, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Weight loss before brazilian buttlift

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              In general weight should be stable prior to the procedure, because weight tends to return to preoperative manipulation.  I usually suction 5 liters of fat and transfer 1200 to 1500 ml per buttock, but I alter this to meet patient goals.  I would have to see pictures to make any further recommendations to assess skin laxity and areas of lipodystrophy and formulate a plan for you.  Good luck.

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