Can push up bras be bad for your implants?

Can push up bras be bad for your implants short term or long term? My breast have a good size gap In between and I want to make sure it's not bad if I use a bra to push them closer together or if I should limit how often I wear a push up bra.

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Push up Bra

It depends.  I would discourage from wearing one shortly after surgery as it can interfere with your implants dropping following surgery.  Wire bras can also rub on your incisions and irritate them (if you have a inframammary incision) while the skin is healing. Once your implants have dropped, and your incisions have healed there should be no resprictions on how often you wear a push up bra.  Be sure to consult your surgeon for their specific recommendations.

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Can push up bras.............

NO----- unless the wire of the bra is overlying breast tissue and the silicone implant is directly under that breast tissue. If that were to occur it is possible to get some permanent indentation from the wire. I advise my patients if they are going to wear push-up underwired bras the need to make sure that the wire does not lie on the breast tissue

Patrick Briggs, FRCSI (Plast)
Perth Plastic Surgeon
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Push Up Bras


After 8 weeks, I allow my patients to wear whatever type of bra that they want to, including underwire/push up. I recommend that you ask your Plastic Surgeon to advise you as each surgeon has their own preferred protocols. All the best

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Can push up bras be bad for your implants?

Hello, and thank you for reaching out to us.

Once you are healed you should be able to utlize a push up bra with no problem. But following up with your surgical team is always in your best interest. 

Constantino G. Mendieta, MD
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Push up bra

After the first few months, the implants likely will have settled.  Once that has occurred, there is no harm in wearing push up bras.  Please check with your plastic surgeon to be sure however.  We all have our own way of doing things.

Earl E. Ferguson III, MD, FACS
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Push up bras after breast augmentation

Once your breast have healed completely, a push up bra will not hurt your result.  Most surgeons do not want their patients wearing a push up bra early on after surgery.  I prefer to have my patients wear a soft sports bra without an underwire for the first six weeks.  Since each surgeon has their own protocols, check with your surgeon for specific guidance.  Best wishes.

Michael S. Hopkins, MD (retired)
Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon
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Post operative bra

It really depends what kind of implants you had and if your surgeon likes patients to be in a post operative bra. Sometimes a bra can help the patient with pain and comfort but it can interfere with incisions if they are in the inframammary fold or under the breast. Check with your board certified plastic surgeon to find out their recommendations. Good luck, MMT

Marissa Tenenbaum, MD
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Bras after breast augmentation

Dear Miss Aimee
i do not have my patients wearing bras for the first month to allow the implants to settle. Each surgeon has his/her protocol. Check with your surgeon. 

Neil T. Chen, MD
Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon
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