I am getting a 6 unit front bridge (ceramic)done. I have some issues with the temporary. Can these be fixed in the permanent?

Issues with the temp- 1) It doesn't sit easy in my mouth. Constant attention drawn towards it. Will the permanent feel and fit better? 2) Speech is a little impacted. I am hitting my upper and lower teeth when pronouncing certain words. My dentist has adjusted the temp and it does feel better but still I am not totally comfortable. He says that the issues about the feel and fit will be sorted out with the permanent. Can I go ahead with my final impression?

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Temporary is not right, so what should I expect? #DrSarahThompson

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The temporary bridge is just temporary.  They are just meant to cover the space without making you look weird for not having teeth there.  I usually try to make my temp pretty cosmetic, but many dentists do not, and this is okay.  The important thing to know is that you should ask the dentist to let you see the permanent bridge in your mouth when he tries it in at your next appointment.  This will let you see if there is anything that you do not agree with or would like adjusted, prior to its permanent placement in your mouth.  I hope this helps.  Feel free to click to save my name below, in case you have more questions in the future.

Issues with temporary teeth, can be fixed?

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A temporary is on a regular basis something just to wear for no more than one week, made with acrylic or pmma, made at the office in the same appointment or made in the lab before making all preparations on teeth to be delivered to the patient at the same appointment. Sometimes the lab does some provisionals that does not match the preparation of the teeth that the doctor will make, that is completely normal, a dental lab technician cant proyect how the doctor will make a preparation.
The final bridge will be made with a final impression of your teeth along with a bite impression, once in the lab with the model of your teeth a bridge will be made according to your occlusion and none or minor adjustments will take place at your prosthetic delivery appointment.

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Temporary Bridge

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Your temporary bridge should feel comfortable for you in all ways. Since it is plastic, issues can be worked out easily. In fact, I consider a bridge like that a "prototype" so that it can be worn and used in order to make sure the final bridge works. A copy can then be made of the "prototype" so the the final bridge is similar to what we already know works properly in the mouth.

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