What can make Zirconia bridge stained badly in 5 days? (Photo)

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Staining Zirconia bridge in 5 days is unlikely ... #DrSarahThompson

You might want to confirm with your dentist that your bridge is actually Zirconia, because it may not be.  Staining can occur from eating too much curry, drinking vary dark juices and smoking cigarettes.  However, these things will only stain over several months and years of heavy usage.  So, it is almost illogical that a Zirconia crown would stain so quickly with normal use.  I hope this helps.  Click save under my name to see more of my answers to other questions.

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Zirconia Bridges does not stain

That bridge is not made of Zirconium, Zirconium as well as porcelain does not stain or change the color. You should have a consultation with other doctor and get that bridge evaluated. It does not look as zirconium, it does not have any aesthetics, teeth are uneven, very poor anatomy.

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Stained bridge

Several things can contribute to the staining of your new bridge:1.  Certain foods and beverages2.  Improper cleaning of the bridge3.  Unpolished or unglazed area of the bridge can stain rapidly.  Try to improve your homecare and if needed return to your dentist. 

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Smoking usually causes stains like this.  Coffee, tea, wine, or other dark drinks can also cause this.  Using an electric toothbrush should help keep stains at bay.

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