Can't Guarantee That a Root Canal Could Be Done On My Teeth Because of Calcification?

what option i have, when an edodontist doesn't guarantee that a root canal could be done on my teeth because my tooth is too calcified, the first specialist i went like 3 years ago only did one canal i need two more canals,now, this second doctor told me he doesn't see any canal at all! please help. i don't want to waste money and for him to tellme at the end he can't do it.

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Calcified root canal prognosis

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A calcified root canal is one of the most difficult situations to treat in regards to root canal therapy.  It sounds as if you have two of them in one tooth.  If one canal was previously treated (and the other two were left untreated), the chances of successfully treating the other two canals is poor.  You may want to consider the alternative of extracting the tooth in question and replacing it with a dental implant and crown or a bridge.

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I have calcified canals can I get a root canal

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If the dentist can't get to the nerves do to calcification another options is called an apico. Its a surgical procedure, in many cases a dentist may attemp to instrument the canal but if they can't get in rather than charge they would just extract and replace with implant, fixed bridge or removable bridge good luck.


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Treating a Cacified Tooth with Root Canal

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The endodontist (root canal specialist) treating your tooth has to tell you all the worst possible consequences of treatment. The doctor does not want you to be surprised if the worst case scenario occurs. My suggestion would be that you not have the tooth treated unless the treating doctor uses a microscope. There are only two ways of finding a calcified root canal and successfully cleaning out that canal: with a microscope or with luck. I would suggest maximizing your chances of success by having it treated by a doctor who uses a microscope. 

Good luck!

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