Possible to correct umbilical hernia w/o doing Tummy Tuck to correct full Diastasis recti? I just want my inny back! (photo)

I don't really have much loose skin for tummy tuck, and it has been tightening a lot over time, but I feel that my belly button is unsightly and I want it corrected. Please advise!

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Correction of diastasis recti and umbilical hernia without a "full" tummy tuck?

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Thanks for your question and photos. It looks like you might be a candidate for an "umbilical float" abdominoplasty. You have abdominal "roundness" from your muscle stretch (diastasis) and this has also led to your umbilical hernia. An "umbilical float" abdominoplasty uses the same bikini line incision but does not make an incisionaround your belly button. The skin is elevated off the muscles and the diastasis and hernia are repaired and the belly button is reattached to your muscles with the removal of only a little skin from your lower abdomen.

You might be pleased to know that abdominoplasty surgery has been revolutionized over the past few years by techniques that eliminate the use of drains (Progressive Tension Suture Technique) and by the use of EXPAREL. EXPAREL is an injectable numbing medicine that we inject into the muscles and incisions at the time of surgery that makes recovery much easier. We have found in our patients that narcotic usage is decreased 50-60% post-operatively when we us EXPAREL and patients are up and about much more quickly than before.

Seek consultation from an experienced board certified plastic surgeon (or two) to learn about your options. Good luck.

Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

! Possible to correct umbilical hernia w/o doing Tummy Tuck to correct full Diastasis recti? I just want my inny back!

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Assuming post pregnancy??? Unfortunately the excess skin supre=a umbilical is very hard to correct without leaving a significant scar.... 

Possible to correct umbilical hernia w/o doing Tummy Tuck to correct full Diastasis recti? I just want my inny back!

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Thanks for your question.
To repair the umbilical hernia you don't need a TT. But the hernia and muscle wall can be repaired together with a tummy tuck or other procedure. Make an appointment with a certified board plastic surgeon for a full examination and see which type of treatment fix you best.
Have a nice day!

Yily De Los Santos, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Umbilical hernia repair without tummy tuck?

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When it comes to the tummy area, almost anything you can think of is possible. You can get an umbilical hernia repair alone, a procedure covered by insurance. You can also get it done with muscle tightening, with liposuction, with lower tummy tuck, with full tummy tuck. Or you can get any combination of the above procedures. It all depends upon your physical exam and your goals/desires.

Brent Birely, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Repair umbilical hernia withoiut tummy tuck

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Thank you for your question about a tummy tuck and umbilical hernia repair.

If you have an umbilical hernia and don't want the muscle repaired - the hernia alone can be repaired.
Your photo suggests however that you have a very wide diastasis of the upper muscles and stretching of the lower muscles. You can have the muscles repaired at the same time as the hernia is repaired - 
assuming you have a hernia. This is diagnosed by a physical examination - it's not possible by a photo alone.

Be sure to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Hope you find this answer helpful. Have a great day!

Umbilical Hernia Repair and Diastasis

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Umbilical hernia repair is possible without performing a formal tummy tuck. Repair of diastasis recti is accomplished with a tummy tuck. This is correct but very simplistic advise. Please be examined and counseled by a Plastic Surgeon to be sure of what you want. Then and only then make the decision regarding the surgical procedure.

Umbilical hernia repair w\o Tummy tuck

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It is  possible to repair an umbilical hernia without a full tummy tuck, however repairing the muscle separation usually does require an abdominoplasty. Best of luck

Is it possible to repair an umbilical hernia and I stasis without a tummy tuck?

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Thank you for your questions and for your photographs.

It is certainly possible to repair an umbilical hernia without a full tummy tuck, but generally repair of the muscle separation or diastasis does require an abdominoplasty.

From the photos that you have sent you have significant skin laxity above the bellybutton.  You also have significant separation of the abdominal muscles.  By performing a pinch test your plastic surgeon could guide you as to which type of procedure would be best to accomplish your goals.

I have included the link to the different types of tummy tucks that can be performed.  I hope that this helps.

Tummy Tuck with Umbilical Hernia

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Yes! It is possible to have your umbilical hernia repaired, along with rectus diastasis during a full tummy tuck.  Ask your board certified plastic surgeon if he/she feels comfortable repairing this or if a general surgeon needs to be involved.  Most plastic surgeons will repair a small hernia for you.  Be sure you choose a surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery for the best results.  Best of luck to you!

Emily J. Kirby, MD
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

Mini tummy tuck to correct the belly button.

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It may be possible to perform a "mini" tummy tuck with umbilical float on you. This would involve removing some of the lower skin, lifting the belly button off of the abdominal wall and correcting the hernia and diastasis. The belly button would then be lowered a little to tighten some of that upper skin. In this way the scar could stay very low on the abdominal wall and the muscle laxity could also be corrected.

All my best,
Daniel A. Medalie, MD

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