How Can I Get Rid of Scar Tissue on my Inner Thigh?

I had agressive large volume liposuction (12 litres of pure fat succioned) on my legs 7 weeks ago and both my inner thights have a wide area (line) of scar tissue made of hard lumps from the knee to the upper part of the inner thights. Can I message this scare tissue with my thumb to soften the lumps. What else can I do ? This scar tissue in my inner thights feels numb and it's pulling my legs inside when I walk. I'm afraid to have this paralyzed sensation in my inner thights for life.

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Lumps, liposuction, and massage

Soon after liposuction there will likely be lumps and  bumps and skin will not have taken up fully.

To help resolve these issues massage of the area will encourage swelling to resolve and the skin and scar tissue to retension and soften.

It may take months and even up to a year, but the situation will improve and the sensation will return

Get massaging I say

Jeremy Hunt 

Sydney Plastic Surgeon
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Lumps after suction

The after care following lower extremity liposuction typically involves wearing some sort of compression garment to balance the hydrostatic pressure of the body in the areas traumatized by the surgery.  12L is beyond the 5L recommended by the Amercian Society of Plastic Surgeons liposuction committees when performed as an outpatient surgery.  Essentially, it is a lot of healing for your body to accomplish, probably in a lot of different areas.  I would recommend wearing the garment all the time in addition to hand massage, vibratory massage and/ultrasonic massage to the lumpy areas.  Seven weeks out should still be timely enough to affect these areas of swelling irregularities, especially if they are still sore.  I would also recommend a followup appointment with your surgeon.

Marguerite E. Aitken, MD, FACS
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon
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Scar tissue after liposuction

Scar tissue after liposuction is not common. If you are feeling lumps, then you might want to cosnider massage to help soften them.

Steven Wallach, MD
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How Can I Get Rid of Scar Tissue on my Inner Thigh?

There are a number of modalities that can help (massage, ultrasound) but only with an exam can a sensible recommendation be made. Your surgeon will be a far superior resource than can be an online surgeon who has never seen you. 

I might add that most surgeons feel that 5 liters of suctioning is the maximum safe volume to remove at one setting. I would be suspicious about a surgeon removing as much as 12 liters. Perhaps a second opinion would be in order. 

Best wishes;

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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