Does coolsculpting permanently change the shape of my body?

I am tall, thin/lean and athletic but would love my arms to have less weight on them as I feel they are out of proportion to the rest of my body. lately they seem to have a bit of cellulite on the backs of them too. one of the first places weight goes on my body is on the backs of my arms. If I were to get cool sculpting to reduce the size of my arms would my new body proportions stay the same if I were to gain weight?

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Is coolsculpting permanent?

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Yes!  The results of CoolSculpting are permanent.  This of course assumes that you maintain a similar weight, exercise, and eat right.  The fat cells that CoolSculpting freezes are permanently removed from the body.  Your remaining fat cells can still get larger if you gain weight, but the cells which are eliminated after recovering from Coolsculpting are gone forever.  Best of luck!

Yes it does!

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CoolSculpting does indeed change the shape of the area treated, by the process of killing the fat tissue underneath the skin.  As with liposuction, once the treated fat tissue is gone, those fat cells are neither replaced nor regrown.  However, the remaining untreated fat cells in that area, as well as throughout the body, are still capable of expanding and storing more fat.  Cellulite is minimally affected by CoolSculpting.  Some studies show CoolSculpting to be promising, but there are better option to more specifically to address cellulite.

Tina B. West, MD
Washington Dermatologic Surgeon
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Coolsculpting for the arms

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It is difficult to say without seeing you and evaluating your arms if you would be a good Coolsculpting candidate.  We have had great success on the arms and seen nice reductions in fat and a circumferential reduction in the arms.  Once someone is treated with Coolsculpting in a specific area, the number of fat cells in that area are permanently reduced. There are still fat cells present however so you can still gain weight or size in that area. Consider a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon that also does Coolsculpting to explore all of your options so you can decide on the best one.  Good luck

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CoolSculpting Results

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CoolSculpting for the arms is off-label, but many practices are successful with it.  CoolSculpting removes stubborn fat bulges, so yes, if it's fat in the area, it can be treated with CoolSculpting.  The CoolSculpting treatment kills the fat cells, and once they are gone, they're gone for good.  It doesn't necessarily help with cellulite, but it will help with the bulges.  You should keep a stable weight after you CoolSculpting, or any cosmetic procedure.  If you gain weight, you can gain the fat in any fat cells remaining in your body, whether or not you do CoolSculpting.

Arms and CoolSculpting

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Thank you for your question. If you are looking to remove fat from the area, that is what CoolSculpting will successfully do, however it is not yet FDA approved for the arms but has been used off label. My best recommendation is to have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to see what treatment plan would best suit your needs. Best of Luck!

Does coolsculpting permanently change the shape of my body?

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Thank you for your question. It is hard to say without photos or an assessment. I would recommend speaking to a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation. This way, you can explain your concerns, learn more about the procedure, and determine if you are a candidate. Regards, 

Arm CoolSculpting

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Hi Betty2010, and thank you for your question.  As my colleagues have noted, coolsculpting is a non invasive technology that can address focal adipose deposits by "freezing the fat."  While the device is not FDA approved for use on the arms, in select patients it can be used "off label."  The number of adipocytes, or fat cells, that we have is determined by our late teens.  As we gain and lose weight, we don't gain additional fat cells.  Our cells simply grow and shrink.  Coolsculpting actually reduces the number of fat cells in the treated area, so the results should be long lasting.  If you were to gain weight after treatment, some cells at that site could grow, but it is more likely that you would show the weight elsewhere on your body.   Consider a consultation with a Board Cerfitifed Plastic Surgeon to determine if CoolSculpting, liposuction, or brachioplasty is the best treatment to obtain your desired results.  Best of luck!

CoolSculpting vs SculpSure and HI DEF 4D CONTOURING

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Coolsculpting and other non invasive options are permanent but in a very small amount compared to liposuction.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Coolsculpting Provides Improvement in Arms That lasts!

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Hello and thank-you for your question.

CoolSculpting is a great, non-invasive solution for fat reduction and contouring of the upper arms. CoolSculpting has been FDA-cleared for fat reduction of the abdomen and flanks. It can be used safely for off-label treatment of the upper arms, inner/outer thighs, bra-strap area and above the knees. The advance cooling technology selectively targets and eliminates fat cells gently and gradually without affecting the surrounding tissue.Patients Patients in our office have seen an average fat reduction of 20-25% with one treatment. Several treatments may be required. I use the "treatment to transformation" method to achieve smooth contours.It takes about 2-3 months to get a general idea of the final results. The results are long-lasting as long as you maintain a stable weight through healthy lifestyle. I recommend scheduling a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon experienced in body contouring to determine if your an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting. If there is skin laxity of the upper arms, CAST liposuction with a mini brachioplasty or full brachioplasty may be a better option. Best wishes< Andrew Lyos MD, FACS

Maintaining your current weight is the best way to preserve your CoolSculpting® results.

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CoolSculpting® is not currently FDA-approved for use on the arms and therefore, the arms are considered an “off-label” treatment.  However, many people have experienced great results with the controlled cooling technology, to target stubborn fat cells and eliminate them from the body.  Although CoolSculpting® does destroy the targeted fat cells for good, the treatment won't protect you against future weight gain in any treated area and won’t improve the appearance of cellulite.

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