Is Rib Removal Dangerous?

I'm a large framed girl and short(5'0) I diet and exercise a lot but I can't get thinner and I still look wide(especially around the waist) so I was thinking about getting rib removal surgery to make my waist thinner but I don't know if its safe, it seems uncommon. I heard some celebrities had this done to create a slim waist, but is it dangerous? does it leave big noticable scars? what are the long term side effects?

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Rib removal

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The rib cage ends well above the level of the belly button so although removal of lower ribs may give you a more hourglass shape it will not in and of itself decrease your waist circumference or pant size. If the ribs are removed via a tummy tuck incision the final scar should be easy to hide under an undergarment. Since historically ribs have been harvested by plastic surgeons for bone grafts without long term problems at the donor site the procedure should be safe when performed properly in the proper patient.

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