Why Wouldn't Wydase Work to Dissolve Juvederm? (photo)

Four months ago I had a PA inject Juvederm Ultra Plus XC in my smile lines and lips. I'm 29 and didn't have deep lines but was told the juvederm would prevent future wrinkles. I now have unnatural swelling and hard lumps around my mouth that look very unnatural and cause sagging skin under my mouth. I've had four different injections by two different doctors of wydase with no improvement. Are these lumps permanent? Are any doctors in south Florida experienced with treating these complications?

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Wait For A Bit To See If Juvederm Gets Broken Down

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If the hyaluronidase did not successfully break down the product, it is difficult to determine if this is permanent or not. Generally, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC lasts for approximately 9-12 months, so I would recommend waiting at least this amount of time as it may just take longer for your body to break the product down on its own.

Hyaluronidase Not Effective

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   Hyaluronidase injected 4 times without any improvement may signal a granuloma that may not be as responsive to hyaluronidase.

Juvederm plus requires at least twice as much hyaluronidase to dissolve

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Juvederm Plus takes at least 2-3 times as much hyaluronidase to dissolve it as other hyaluronic acid products, including Juvederm Ultra. If only a small amount of hyaluronidase was used each time, it may not have been enough.

By the way, while Botox can sometimes prevent wrinkles, fillers do not, they simple conceal them.

Dr. Kenneth Beer is an excellent cosmetic dermatologist in the Miami area.  Good luck. 

Lorrie Klein, MD
Laguna Niguel Dermatologic Surgeon
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Why Wouldn't Wydase Work to Dissolve Juvederm?

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Your Juvederm may have been injected too superficially. The Wydase will make the Juvederm disappear. You probably need more Wydase or it is not being placed in the right location.

Not the kind of result you wanted...so sorry to hear...

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generally most doctors might opt for Juvederm Ultra in the lips instead of the Ultra Plus...it's easier to work with in this area...and at least on the picture it looks like you have noticeable lumps that, it they're really juvederm, should come out with a needle poke and pressure...but here's the issue...if you really had juvederm ultra or ultra plus...it should readily dissolve with any hyaluronidase product...the fact that 2 different and hopefully experienced doctors tried to no avail suggests the material may not be juvederm but some other product...maybe radiesse?  juvederm is highly susceptible to dissolution with hyaluronidase no matter how long after the filler was placed...just a matter of the amount...lots of good dermatologists and plastic surgeons in south Florida...look on Realself and find one...

Ken Landow, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist

Why Wouldn't Wydase Work to Dissolve Juvederm?

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 Wydase dissolves hyaluronic acid which is what Juvederm is made of so the question is whether the lumps are granulomas or perhaps what was injected isn't an HA filler.  You might consider going to a Derm or a Plastic and cosmetic surgeon in your area for a biopsy of one of these lumps for a path diagnosis.  

Why Wouldn't Wydase Work to Dissolve Juvederm?

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Many issues at play here. First why have a PA inject? Than are you sure it was Juvederm? Are you sure the Wydase was injected correctly? And in enough of an amount. Finally you must consider excision, but the issue of a scar must be considered. Understand there are A:WAYS risk with ANY cosmetic procedure. 

Fillers and hyaluronidase

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If the filler injected was a hyaluronic acid, then it shoudl be able to be dissolved by hyaluronidase( Wydase). It could be  a hematoma or another product that was inejected.

Melting Juvederm

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If the lump is caused by Juvederm or another other hylauronic acid, then the Wydase will melt it.  It is possible that what you are observing is not from the Juvederm directly but possibly swelling from the injection, a small hematoma, an inflammatory reaction or something unrelated.  Are you sure it was Juvederm they injected and not Radiesse or other non-HA filler?


Good Luck.

Why Wydase didn't dissolve Juvederm

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I understand you have lumps around your mouth that you believe are Juvederm, not dissolving with repeated injection of Wydase.


Reasons may be:


  • Lumps are pre-existing muscle/fat bulges that are now drawing your attention more than before
  • Not enough rounds of Wydase - Juvederm is durable stuff! You should see SOME change with each injection, however.
  • Lumps are a non-Juvederm filler
  • Wydase isn't real/effective Wydase.



Wydase is a brand name of hyaluronidase, and I, for one, can't find that brand anymore! I can only purchase Vitrase (different brand). I know several surgeons who are buying compounding pharmacies' versions of hyaluronidase, and the strength/efficacy of these is questionable.



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