Why Won't the Fat Go Away 1 Year After C-Section?

! had 4 babies.was happy w/body & didnt mind little lose tummy skin,,however @35 got suprise baby(beautiful boy) however he was born via c-section. my 1st c-sec. after 1yr i dispise entire back/waist in 360 is now so gross. if could, id cut junk fat myself. i worked so dam hard to get into shape. i look like chubby teen boy body. no self esteem & never go out. i hate myself. 

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Changes after children

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There are both physical and emotional/psychologic changes that can occurr following pregnancy.  As plastic surgeons we can help you achieve your body goal but I would also encourage you to talk with friends, family, or your primary care doctor if you have feelings of depression.  From the body change standpoint, it may be harder to get back into shape after having children since there is both a physicial as well physiologic change that occurs.  Do your best with diet and excercise and you will see some results.  Once you have maxed out on the results that you can achieve yourself you can speak with a plastic surgeon about getting you the rest of the way there.

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Unhappy with body after 4th child

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You and your body have experienced changes due to a variety of reasons which have resulted in you not being satisfied with your appearance. You did not state if your weight was changed (increased) from before your 4th child. Working out can help your appearance to some extent as can dietary control.

With regard to your fat and skin, you may want to consider a consultation with a plastic surgeon who can better assess your situation, provide suggestions and maybe help alleviate you feelings of inadequacy.

Good luck!

Fat after C-section

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Hi Lisa,

It will be really helpful if you can post up-close photos of your full abdomen/back/waist and the scar.   It's unlikely that the C-section itself caused you to have more fat on your body, but it can sometimes produce an unsatisfactory scar or bunching of the tissue in that area.

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