Retin-A vs Medium Depth Chemical Peels

I am confused as to how effective chemical peels really are. I was told by my doctor that they wont really have a large impact on wrinkles or pore size. So as an alternative, i was wondering if perhaps Retin-a would possibly be more effective or at least as effective as a medium level chemical peel such as Jessner?

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RetinA vs Peel for wrinkles and pore size

My recommendation would be to do both. Using RetinA can enhance the effects of a peel. Plus, retinoids promote collagen growth in the long term which will help to soften fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improveskin texture changes/pore size. Pore size reduction is achieved through peels (such as salicylic and retinoic acid) which attempt to reduce the amount of sebum or oil produced from the gland hiding in that pore. Swelling/healing from cosmetic procedures can also produce a reduced appearance of pore size..

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Retin A vs chemical peel

The effectiveness of a chemical peel depends on the depth of the peel. A very superficial peel that heals in a couple of days will not smooth out the deeper wrinkles.  A deep peel that takes 8 - 10 days to heal will smooth out even very deep wrinkles. 

Retin A use long term will do a lot to improve the skin but it cannot be expected to remove deep creases.  I always have my chemical peel patients use Retin A for several month pre peel to condition the skin and to speed healing.

Deep chemical peels would be much more popular if the healing was not such an issue.  A deep peel doesn't hurt very much but the early healing phase is pretty frightening unless the patient is really, really well prepared for it. 

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