Results of IPL Breast Enlargement?

I am interested in non-surgically enlarging my breast for one cup-size. I'm considering IPL treatment. What are the results of this treatment?

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Non-surgical breast enlargement using IPL

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My secretary came in this AM and informed me she heard about using Intense Pulse Light to non-surgically enlarge breasts on a radio recently.  A quick search on the internet confirms various claims of such.  These claims all come out of South Africa using devices that aren't readily available here in the United States.  They claim to use laser technology developed in the United States as if that is a big selling card down there.  The before and after pictures I've seen posted are of poor quality but seem to show breast enlargement.

IPL in the US is mostly used to remove red and brown pigmentation from the skin and different machines use different wavelengths but most are in the 500-600nm range.  I guess the claim could be real but I would have to see details on what wavelengths of IPL are being used and that is hard to pin down.  As with most IPL therapies those given to enlarge breasts involve multiple treatments over months and the enlargement to be expected is mild at best.  The risks of such treatments are not fully known.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Results of IPL breast enlargement?

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IPL is great for improving undesirable red, brown spots, fine wrinkles and even pores. However, I have never heard of IPL being used for breast enlargement. Perhaps you have your technology terms confused. If a doctor is really trying to provide you IPL to increase your breast size, be very careful.

Michael Kulick, MD, DDS
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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IPL not for breast enlargement

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IPL will not enlarge breast size. Look into the Brava system for non-surgical breast enhancement. It works by suction assisted tissue growth. You have to wear the device every day for 12 hours. Patients increased an average of 150cc.

Jonathan Hoenig, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon

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