8 Weeks Post-op Liposuction: No Results

I 'm 31 female, my butt measure before the procedure was 44 inches and 162 lbs weight, I had liposuction done on my butt, front thighs and inner knees. After 8 weeks now I still in the same shape and with the same measurements and weight. Is this normal?

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2 months post op

Liposuction results can often be deceiving, especially in the first several months after surgery. There is typically some residual swelling that can obscure the actual changes that you might see in a few more months. At the two month mark, you should be seeing some improvement in your shape, but not necessarily on a scale. Before and after photos will also show if there has been a bigger difference than what you are able to see without them. 

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Getting There

You are well on your way to recovering from your surgery and to the point where you can thoroughly evaluate your results. Fortunately, however, you are not quite there. I would recommend waiting another month and then going back to your surgeon. Ask for postoperative photos and the opportunity to sit with your surgeon to compare the preop and postop differences.   You may be pleasantly surprised and see more of a change than you thought. You may be disappointed and not see much change at all. If the latter is true, your surgeon will be looking at the same photos and you can have an honest, objective conversation based on photos to figure out where to go next. More lipo may be the answer but not always.  Sometimes more patience provides more results.
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Final results from liposuction may take several months to be achieved.

After eight weeks you should see some improvement after liposuction. You might get your surgeon to photographs the areas treated and compare them with the pre-treatment photos to see what improvement is visible. You can expect further improvement for several more months.

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Post lipo?

Have your doctor take pictures and see what you look like. It is hard to imagine that you do not see a change. The doctor will state in his operative report how much fat is removed. You can ask for this report and update us with before and after pictures as well,Good luck!

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8 Weeks Post-op Liposuction: No Results

This really just depends upon your starting point and the amount that was liposuctioned.  It would be hard to determine if there is room for improvement without pictures or an exam.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Weight loss after Liposuction

Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure and does not necessarily change clothing size. It is meant to improve your silhouette and body contour so your clothes look and fit better. Results are also very weight responsive. So minor 5 lb weight gains will negatively affect your result. More dramatic results are seen when patients do their part with diet and exercise. 

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