Restylane Gone After One Day?

I recently had restylane injection under my eyes to fill in the hollows. They looked great. the next day, I couldn't believe when I looked in the mirror and discovered that they looked the same as before the injections with the exception of a very large bruise under one eye. Should I risk getting it done again? Can anyone tell me what the problem could have been? Should my doctor have used more Restylane? He is specialized in facial plastic surgery. Thanks so much!!

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Restylane gone after one day?

Restylane will last for 6-7 months on average, and can last longer in the tear trough. It is likely you experienced swelling the first day, and your physician was conservative with the treatment. You may benefit from a touch up, and I would recommend visiting your physician for a follow up. Bruising is a potential side effect of the treatment, and will resolve soon. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck. 

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Tear troughs and fillers

The tear trough area is made of very delicate skin. There will often be swelling for the first day or two after fillers are injected.  Hyaluronic acid fillers are the safest fillers to use in this area. The newest filler, Belotero, does especially well in this area because it can be placed more superficially. It is always better to undercorrect; more can be added later if needed. 

Donna Bilu Martin, MD
Aventura Dermatologist
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Restylane under eyes

Restylane under the eyes is great for tear troughs and to camouflage the "double bubble" look. You may need more if the results are not where you want them.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Restylane for a day?

The restylane is not gone, it is still there. However, you enjoyed the initial swelling that went along with the injection. I think that you probably need more and that you just need to go back to your doctor and tell them that you liked how it looked initially. They were probably being careful not to overfill. 

Jo Herzog, MD
Birmingham Dermatologist
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Restylane Longevity

Thanks for posting the question!  Restylane will not be gone in a day and in fact takes several months to disappear.  Touch-ups with dermal fillers are not all that uncommon.  I strongly suggest that you revisit with your surgeon to discuss this and I'm sure he/she will be able to help you.  Best wishes!

Brian Howard, MD (retired)
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Restylane gone after one day

The Restylane truly can't be "gone" after one day, but it could have been injected too deeply, or below (or above) the area that you actually wanted filled in. It would be best to go back in and discuss the situation with your injector. Sometimes more than one syringe is needed and it is best to be conservative sometimes and add more if needed.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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Better to underdo the lower lid injections than to overdo them

Best to go back to your doctor and have them assess the situation.  It is much easier to add a little more Restylane than to dissolve it.  Thank them for being careful!

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Restylane and swelling

I would suggest following up with your provider to see what their assessment may be. It could be that you need more product.

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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Restylane Gone After One Day?

After fillers it's very common to have swelling for the first 2-3 weeks. Once the area has settled you are able to see your final result. In my opinion, you were probably under-dosed and would benefit from another syringe to achieve full correction

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Restylane for correction under the eyes

Thanks for the question. It's likely that you had a little swelling in the tear troughs related to the injections, and when the swelling dissipated, the fill was a bit less than you desired. Injection of some additional Restylane would probably be the best option if this is the case. Obviously an in-person physical examination would be best to assess your current status. Check with your doctor, but avoidance of ibuprofen, fish oil, Vitamin E, aspirin etc. would reduce the likelihood or bruising the next time around. Patients often take arnica montana as well. 

We have had excellent results with the longevity of Restylane under the eyes in my practice. Treatment of this area smooths transition between the lower eyelid and the cheek. While I tell patients to anticipate around 12 months of correction, I have had several who have been pleased with the fill of their tear troughs as long as 1 1/2 to 2 years after the treatment. Similar long-lasting correction has been documented by 3-D analysis in a recent clinical trial, performed by some of my colleagues. I've linked to it below. This is an advanced area of filler treatment, requiring specialized understanding of the anatomy of the eyelids and infraorbital (under-eye) area. In my practice, it's one of the two or three most common areas I treat and the patient satisfaction is very high. 

Best regards,

Dr. Mehta

Umang Mehta, MD
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