Restylane Under the Eyes Lasted Only for a Month...Is that possible?

i'm 28 and i had one syringe of restylane injected under my eyes ( a half in each side ) and radisse injected to my cheeks in order to treat the hollowness. the results were amazing for the first 2 days but as the days past i noticed a bluish color under my eyes which wasn't really bad but looked like dark circles. i went back for a correction and again at first it looked really good than the bluish color appeared and after a month i didn't even noticed the volume... is that possible?

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Short term result of Restylane

About the only way that could happen is if the filler was placed too deeply.

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Very simple-were photographs obtained prior to treatment?

If the injecting physician took photographs before treatment, it is a simple matter of comparing your current appearance with your appearance prior to treatment.  If your injecting physician did not take before and after photos, you are seeing a goof ball and it is highly likely that you still have treatment benefits but without the before photos it is very difficult to remember what you looked like before service.  You might consider getting a second opinion.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Restylane duration

GIven your age, Restylane should last up to one year and, in my practice, the combination of Radiesse and Restylane can last even longer. I agree with Dr. Aldea. You haven't mentioned whether your injector was a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist or whether you've confirmed that the products were purchased directly from the manufacturers. Understand that, after treatment, you may experience bruising. Also, have a look at your pre-procedure photos as your internal perception of the initial condition may differ from the reality.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Is "Short Lasting" Restylane possible?

Restylane lasts 8-12 months. It needs to be injected deeply near the inferior rim of the eye socket and never  superficially where it reflects bluish light(Tindall effect). The fact that you have persistent bluish hue after Restylane tear trough augmentation and a very short lasting result may bring into question the origin/nature of the "Restylane " as well as the experience of the injector. 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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