Probability of Blindness With Restylane Around Inner Corners of Eyes (photo)

Hello, I would like to know if there is a possibility of blindness if I would decide to let MD treat area close to inner corners of my eyes with Restylane - red stars at picture If so, whats the probability of this event occur? Are there any crucial blood vessels in that area? Is the probability higher then probability of blindness while undergoing tear trough treatment with Restylane? I would really love to look more rested..but I guess Its right to not to be sure if I would risk my sight

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Restylane treatments around eye area

The areas that you have pointed out (inner eyes under brow ridge) are a risky area for cosmetic dermal fillers due to where nerve and blood vessels branch out near this area.  Also, it is not clear what your goal would be in treating this area as surgical intervention may be a better option.  We do not inject filler in this area for any reason.

Tear trough treatments with Restylane under the eyes to restore volume loss is a good, safe treatment when done with the correct product, amount of product, and meticulous technique.

However, you may be a better candidate for upper/lower lid blepharoplasty based upon the areas you are interested in treating. 


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Blindness risk with dermal injection in the inner eye region.

While blindness is a very slight possibility, it is not zero.  Looking at your photo, your upper eyelid skin may be the culprit limiting a rested appearance.  Remember alternative treatment modalities may be operative.  Explore some other options.

H. Michael Roark, MD
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There is a risk.

The risk is not zero.  What is the number.  We have no idea.  There are steps that can be used to reduce the risk but it is still not zero.  Certainly this is an advanced treatment area.  Those lacking an intimate and detailed knowledge of the anatomy and special risks of treating this area should not do the treatment.  It is also very reasonable to avoid treating this area or considering other treatment options.

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Filler injections near eyes

It is a very rare ocurrence for a filler to be injected into a vessel, although it has been reported.  Go to an experienced injector.  I usually do not fill in the inner corner of the upper eyelid region.  I have treated the glabella.

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Probability of Blindness With Restylane Around Inner Corners of Eyes

Knowledge is powerful and scary. Deep filler infections next to facial blood vessels could result in serious complications when the filler is injected into the blood vessels. These complications are very uncommon and can be made VERY rare if the following precautions are used:
- should be administered by a Plastic surgeon / eye doctor who is very familiar with the Anatomy of the area
- injection should be made with a blunt needle (which cannot penetrate vessels easily)
- injection should be done under very low pressure as the syringe is withdrawn

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