Restylane Burst out of Syringe Twice! Should I Go Back to Get Juvederm?

First, I spoke with the Dr. about not wanting Restlyane since it didn't last long when I used it before. She said she'd use Juvederm since it lasts longer. She uses smaller needles than provided, thus, the needle blew off the end twice! As I was leaving I noticed the box of Restylane, not Juvederm! Now I am doubting I got what I paid for and am not sure how to proceed. Should I call and ask to have the Juvederm I asked for to begin with?

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Restylane syringe and needle issues

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It is not common for the needle to come off during any dermal filler injection, unless it's not adequately twisted on and tightened down. If you aren't happy with your treatment and there are issues of trust, visit a reputable and well-trained provider in your area before proceeding with any cosmetic treatment.

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By and large I think that Restylane is a much better product than Juevederm.

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Juevederm is very good for inexperienced injectors.  It is a bit runny so lumps and bumps go away.  Restylane is much more cohesive and needs to be shaped by the injector.  I personally very much like the needle that comes with the Restylane packaging.  I think I experience one blown off needle in about 500 so the event is rare.  Occasionally I due put a smaller needle on.  These have to be placed securely.  I think the biggest issue you are describing is that you asked for one product and got something else-not cool.  I recommend finding a new injector.  By the way, both products seem to last about the same time in the face.

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Restylane and Juvederm

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Communicate with your doctor and ask to see the syringe if you are concerned. They look very different and you can look for representative images from the manufacturer website. There was a problem early on with juvederm not holding the needle well, not Restylane. But, this was years ago and I have not seen nor heard of this in years. 

Best of luck,

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Restylane vs Juvederm - what did you get?

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There are several things here... First, don't assume that because a box was on the counter that you didn't get what you paid for. I would call and ask to speak directly with the physician and ask her what injection you received. It should be in your chart what you received and if it's noted as anything different than what you were told and what you paid for, that is a huge medical liability. So ask, don't assume. Second, personally I don't like the needles that come with most of the fillers in the boxes so I often use different ones too. The art is learning the correct pressure to use, which has a great deal to do with technique and experience. It is uncommon for a needle to blow off the end, and I'd say it's happened to me twice in all my 15+ years of injecting. But call and talk directly to your doctor about what was injected, and then go from there.

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