How often should you use Restylane under eyes?

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How frequently should you have filler placed under the eyes?

When used appropriately by properly trained and experienced injectors, fillers can reduce the appearance of dark circles and help us appear more rested and youthful. When improperly injected in this delicate and sensitive area, the results can have undesirable and even damaging effects. Some products produce better results in the tear trough region that others. Some should never be used in this region at all. Injections can be repeated when the effects of the previous injection are no longer evident.

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How often should you use Restylane under eyes?

Restylane can last 9-12 months when injected properly into the tear troughs, fillers usually lasts a bit longer in this area do to less movement around the eyes.

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How often for Restylane treatments? It varies by individual...

There is not a set or recommended frequency for a volume correction. For most people Restylane will last 12 months or longer in the tear trough, but it depends on injection technique and your metabolism.

If you find yourself feeling that your eyes are hollow looking, it might be time to discuss a volume treatment with your injector.

The tear trough is a great area for rejuvenation, because a little volume can go a long way, but don't overlook the rest of the face. Making sure you address all the aspects of the face will give you the most natural and youthful result.

Best Wishes!

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Restylane Is Usually Repeated 6-24 Months After Non-Surgical Eyelift

Restylane can be injected underneath the eyes to improve or camouflage the bags underneath the eyes. After injection, the body will break down a small amount of Restylane a day. I tell my patients that some patients will want to repeat the injection when a small amount of product has dissolved. That is typically in 6 months. If they get an injection at that time, they will require less product. If they wait 12-24 months for a repeat injection, then they will require more syringes of Restylane. The decision to repeat the injection is based on the patients' needs.

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Restylane under eyes

Restylane seems to last a bit longer under the eyes then it does in some areas such as the lips. I think that my average time until repeat injection in this area is about a year but the need for re-injection depends on multiple things. Some patients want to look perfect as soon as some product begins to disappear and the product seems to vary from person to person as far as how long it lasts. There is no harm in adding Restylane as soon as you think that you need more and no limit as far as when it is sake or OK to inject more.

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Frequency of Restylane under eyes

if Restylane is injected properly, and an adequate amount is used, it can last 6-24 months under eyes. Most of my patients in Orange County have their Restylane injection under eyes about once a year.

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