Is it possible to reshape your lips but not make them bigger?

I feel my lips are too squared. I've never heard of a procedure that can actually change the shape of your lips, but if there is, how does it work? I'd like to make them round, but not bigger. Thanks.

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Lip reshaping

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Dear lady vaneza, Without seeing your photo specific comments are difficult to make. In general, non-surgical procedures performed on the lips, such as filler injection, almost universally make the lips bigger, while lip lift surgery shortens a long lip and improves the shape. Kind regards, James

Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Lip augmentation with facial fillers in Los Angeles

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Lip augmentation with facial fillers can help reshape the lips to some degree, adding dimension and enhancing the lip shape.

Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS

Los Angeles

Yes, you can reshape your lips...Ask Dr Ellen

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Hello Lady Veneza,

Both fillers and surgery can be used to reshape your lips.

Fillers can level out some minor asymmetries, change the lip contour and simply "fill in" areas that may be deficient in volume.

Surgery, such as a variety of techniques categorized as "lip lifts," can shift the position of the lip borders to modify the shape of the lip.

Thanks for asking! Dr Ellen

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